Trail Tending Outings

Give back to the lands that nourish your spirit. Trail day events are much more than moving dirt and boulders; spend time with friends enjoying backcountry scenic views, wildlife and wildflowers, while creating a space for others to do the same. Review the list of events below and RSVP soon and often!

If none of the dates below work for you, then propose one and we'll build a special day for you or your group! Trail-tending can occur any day of the week!


Your safety is important to us. In addition to the COVID screencheck (see link in footer), the following protocols are followed:

  • All volunteers must pass the self-assessment (see link in footer)
  • All volunteers must maintain a social distance of at least 6-feet between others
  • Carpooling is not permitted
  • No more than 10 people will attend the trail-tending outing
  • Maintain a separation of at least 10-feet when hiking to work site
  • Small teams will be formed, with teams separated from each other by at least 20-feet
  • Sharing of tools will be allowed, but the handles must be cleaned with disinfectant wipes
  • Anyone showing signs of sickness must immediately separate themselves from the outing
  • Must not share water bottles or other food/beverage items

Recreation Trips

Discover new places and make new friends while recreating on local Mariposa trails. The Mariposa front-country is an awesome place to hike, bike, run or to simply saunter while enjoying the local wildlife, plants and beautiful scenery. Be a participant, lead a trip on one of your favorite trails, or manage this program.

Youth Pathways

MARIPOSA TRAILS embraces youth participation in our programs. MARIPOSA TRAILS has programmed multi-day backpacking trail-tending outings with colleges throughout the state; partnered with the US Forest Service for local students to develop cultural interpretation products; engaged Mariposa County High School students to manufacture trail wayfinding signs; and have led youth retreats on local trails and campsites.

We are currently looking for a volunteer to fill and expand this role.

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You can make a difference by being an active and valued member of the MARIPOSA TRAILS community. Volunteers are the heart of the MARIPOSA TRAILS organization, shaping its vision, enlivening its mission, and achieving its goal to maintain and promote recreational trail access and use. Volunteers are needed to help operate our programs, including:

  • Trail-Tending Outings
  • Recreational Trips
  • Youth Pathways


  • no fee
  • Our bi-annual e-newsletter
  • Invitations to our special events
  • Opportunities to be part of stewardship and advocacy efforts

Together, we can achieve the vision of MARIPOSA TRAILS. Choose to "pay it forward," knowing that our health, prosperity and enjoyment of our lands are rooted in our access to the earth, and our care of it.

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